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Whats the secret to Ivy league admissions? There is no simple answer. Each and every student needs to put their best foot forward when standing infront of an admissions. You only get one chance in making sure that your application stands among all other applicants. Do you have raving recommendations from teachers and counselors? A track record of extracurricular accomplishments?

Or, just a brilliant charasmatic personality that ooozes on th epages of your powerfully written essay. Ivy League colleges look for stand-out in a crowd,unique individuals. There are so many facets to the application that not one thing part out weighs the other -- it's all about the complete packaage. Bradshaw College Consulting helps student along the right path early on for the ultimate goal of Ivy league application acceptance.

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Thursday, Sept. 9, 2013

College Application Advice

Harvard has actually rejected students with 2400 SATs and 4.0 GPAs and excepted students with SAT scores of 2100 and 3.8 GPA. This demonstrates how other areas of your application factor into the selection process.

For example:

* Club activities
* Community service
* Hobbies

Does Ethnicity weigh in on the decision factor. Do athletes have better odds? Is there a secret code, calculation, or recipe that makes one student more appealing than another? Ivy League colleges really looking for? Private colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania plow through thousand of applicants, looking for those student that have the complete package.

I Got Accepted!

Lloyd Chen can't afford the $70 for a high school yearbook. His family can't pay for a graduation party or a trip abroad.

But the Laguna Creek valedictorian has something his fellow graduates don't: nine full-ride offers to elite universities.

The Elk Grove teen graduating today with a 4.79 grade-point average achieved the rare feat of acceptance by all nine schools to which he applied: Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Davis.

He chose Harvard.

Stanford, Yale, Duke, Vanderbilt and Rice universities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, Harvey Mudd College and Claremont McKenna College.

How does a small-town boy with a 3.99 GPA get accepted into universities with the some of highest admissions standards in the nation? (According to the Washington Post, Stanford is the toughest, accepting only 5.69 percent of its 38,828 applicants; Yale is No. 3 and MIT is No. 6.)

A big factor in Grant's success is his natural curiosity, said Steve Kloke, Mark Morris history teacher.

He's always asking questions, Kloke said. In education, that's what you want: Learning for the sake of learning. That's really what kind of stood out. ... He's constantly seeking a challenge.

And his critical thinking skills are through the roof, Kloke said.

Craig Peterson, who taught Grant in fourth and fifth grade at Northlake Elementary and oversaw online courses he took during high school, said Grant's love of learning stood out early. He was always the one who wanted to be challenged.

But he's also well-rounded, loves sports and values his recess as much as his education, Peterson said.

Grant, who mentors younger kids, has this advice for students:
* Take challenging courses instead of going for the easy A.
* The only way you can learn about yourself is to take the toughest courses you can.
* Take every opportunity to expand your learning.

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