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College & Ivy League Early Admissions Statistics for the Class of 2020

Early Admission Statstics for the class of 2020, at the eight Ivy League colleges are out. The top colleges in the country sent acceptance letters this weelk to high school seniors around the nation. These chosen students had GPA's above 4.0, with average SAT scores ranging from 2000-2400 and average ACT scores of 30-36.

Social media is on fire with both elation and tears as some high schoolers received acceptances while others were declined.

Admission Statistics: Acceptance Rates Ivy League Colleges:

  • Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. sent acceptances to 13.96% of the applicants;accepting 6,277 of 44,966 applicants.
  • Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. sent acceptances to 10.7% of the applicants; accepting 2,690 of 35,099.
  • Dartmouth Collegein Hanover, N.H. sent acceptances to 10.52% of the applicants; accepting 2,176 of 20,675 applicants.
  • University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia sent acceptances to 9.4% of the applicants; accepting 3,661 from 38,918 applicants.
  • Brown Universityin Providence, R.I. sent acceptances to 9% of the applicants;accepting2,919 out of 32, 380 applicants.
  • Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.sent acceptances to 8.8% of the applicants;accepting 2,526 out of 28,700.
  • Duke University in Durham, N.C. sent acceptances to less than 8.7% of the applicants;accepting 2,501 of the 28,600 regular decision applicants.
  • Princeton University in Princeton, N.J. sent acceptances to 6.46% of the applicants;accepting 1,894 from 29,303 applicants.
  • Yale University in New Haven, Conn. sent acceptances to 6.27% of the applicants; accepting 1,972 from 31,455 applicants.
  • Columbia Universityin New York, N.Y. sent acceptances to 6.04% of the applicants; accepting 2,193from 36,292applicants.
  • Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. sent acceptances to 5.2% of the applicants; accepting 2,037 of 39,041 applications.
  • Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.sent acceptances to 4.69% of the applicants; accepting 2,063 of 43,997 applicants.Stanford was suggested to be one of the the hardest colleges in the nation to get accepted to!

2020 Acceptance Rates

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